The International Police & Fire Chaplain Association is a nonprofit faith based organization with chapters across the United States, and abroad, South Africa, and India. Our US chapters are located in Michigan, New York, Florida, North Carolina, Denver Colorado, Utah. We are dedicated to the response and support of all local and abroad law enforcement and fire departments and homeland security, federal & state agencies, as well as other emergency agencies through out the United States and overseas.

We pledge to provide emergency services, by the way of Critical Incident Stress Debriefing [CISD], and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder [PTSD] counseling. IPFCA also offers training, education, supplies, funding when available to all Local, State, and Federal Agencies in the event of Natural Disasters, acts of Terrorism, and Catastrophic events.

We pledge to provide quality Certified Professionally Trained First Responder and Homeland Security Chaplains to all Local Law enforcement, Fire departments, Emergency agencies, EMS, State, and Federal agencies. This commitment has resulted in having our programs certified and accredited CEU’s and credits through local area Universities. Which are nationally known for organizational risk reduction and management programs.

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  • Services Support, Training, Charity, Outreach
  • Resources Certified Professionally Trained First Responder&Homeland Security Chaplains
  • Duration: 24/7, 265 Days a Year
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