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                                                                   3DSealmcolesMCOLES Approved & certified Course

Chaplain Level III  – Advanced

Course Code#: CHP – 900 40 hours



Course Objectives:

The Chaplain – Level III course covers the State and Federal Laws covering Chaplains, Prayer, and in Emergency response, Duties of a First responder Chaplain, how to responded to trauma incidents, Concerning Christian Counseling, safety, and the protocols of police & fire service interaction, advanced Crime scene counseling, protocols in interaction, and in First Response. The program includes topic specific information in the areas of Pre-incident preparedness, Critical Incident Stress Management, Post Traumatic Stress Reduction Orientation, Basic Death Notification, Advanced Domestic Violence Counseling, and Suicide, Post/Intervention. And other related First Responder Chaplain courses.  Course Accreditation & Certification (4.0. c.e.u.’s)

Course Accreditation & Certification:

The course curriculum has been reviewed and approved by local colleges and universities, It has been determined that the course material meets the requirements as set forth by local University’s and has been approved to issue work related Study’s, and CEU’s . A “Certificate of Completion”. To each student. Which successfully completes the course.


Topics Covered:

  • Public Prayer
  • Being Politically Correct in Prayer.
  • (When to pray or not to Pray in Jesus Name.
  • What does the Federal Law & Government say Prayer.( Jesus Name)
  • Washington DC/and Monuments.
  • Federal and State Law concerning Prayer.
  • Separation from Church and State.
  • Quotes from US Presidents.
  • History of Chaplains.
  • Christian Counseling.
  • (Domestic Violence/
  • Sexual Abuse, Hospice and the Dying)
  • And Much more.



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