IPFCA Training Level 2

IPFCAlg DigitalLevel 2

Emergency Responder Chaplain Academy

                                                           3DSealmcolesMCOLES Approved and Certified

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Chaplain Level II  – Advanced

Course Code#: CHP – 800 40 hours

Course Objectives:


The Chaplain Level II, Advanced Course will Instruct the student in the operational guidelines as a Chaplain and First Responder when Police and Firefighter during Disasters and tragic Scenes. The Student is provided step- by- step instructions concerning Crowd and traffic control, working in Body recovery.

Course Accreditation & Certification:


The course curriculum has been reviewed and approved by local colleges and universities, MCOLES Approved and Certified, 9Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards)It has been determined that the course material meets the requirements as set forth by local University’s and has been approved to issue work related, Study’s CEU’s . A “Certificate of Completion” to each student. which successfully completes the course.


  Subject Title:


Session 1 

Approaching Disaster and Tragic Scenes

Crisis Scene – level 2

Basic Handcuff Procedures

Arrest Procedures

Traffic Control Procedure

Crowd Control Procedure

Blood Pathogens

Recovering and Removal of Bodies

On Scene Death Notification –Level II

Session 1-2

Level II Advanced CISM {PTSD}

Group & Peer / Industry/Police/Fire/Suicide

Traumatologly 101                                                                          CHP – T8101

Emergency Spirituality Training

Advanced Red Cross/ Professional Pro /CPR/AED